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REPOST Making Sex Accessible @ VIPS
Posted February 2017 SVIPS escort agency in Victoria BC helps a young man with diverse ablities loose his virginity to a sex worker and he writes an essey as a valenties day gift, this story was the intial insperation for 

A few years ago SweetVIPS YYJ Escorts started on a quest to make sexuality accessible to everyone. We already had a few regular clients using our wheelchair-accessible location, but the PROS and I felt we could do more. One of our first new clients, who found us through this additional promotion, is now an adored member of our community and SVIP family. Due to the pandemic, we, unfortunately, have not had the opportunity to see Lance in almost 3 years. We are excited to pop his cherry all over again this week though, and in honor of that – I wanted to share his essay…

My “First” Experience @ SweetVIPS

Introductions are how stories should start right? My name is Lance, I am born with SMA Type II, and I’m a regular client with SweetVIPs. My experience with both the incredible girls and equally amazing management has actually allowed me to move forward with my life in a way. Hopefully, I can tell you my story in a way that doesn’t bore you.

I do kind of need to preface my situation prior to reaching out to the agency. SMA Type II, in short, is a condition that leaves you:

  • Unable to build muscle
  • Have bad lungs, bad swallowing
  • Scoliosis (curved spine) is a guarantee as is a G-Tube
  • And apparently a shorter lifespan

Growing up and going through high school wasn’t a super amazing time. I was always nervous about trying to meet people in my class unless they came to me. All the other guys were fit, handsome, and physically independent. It probably goes without saying, but since my confidence could not be any lower, I never really had any interaction with girls my age. Most of my friends had girlfriends and kept assuring me I’d have one someday. Getting out and meeting people was always hard for me, so I never felt super inclined to believe them. I was different, and most didn’t actually realize it.

Because of my atrophy, I was left unsure if I could have any form of intimacy with a girl. I was simply tired of not knowing, and being afraid of missing out. So I reached out to SweetVIPs with some general questions. I was told that my being disabled and a turbo-virgin won’t even be an issue.


Fast forward a few months. I’ve told my mother, (She’s my absolute other half, so she does have to know and be involved in some kind of capacity), and I’m finally ready to move forward and no longer dwell on the unknown. It was at this point that I became acquainted with ms.Harvi Wallbanger, the magnificent owner of the agency. Both her and Charlie (The wonderful office girl I mostly dealt with) did a fantastic job of calming my nerves, but also getting across that they do in fact care about the experience of the client. They could’ve sold me on who had the best ass or the killer rack, but they didn’t; they knew what I was after and knew exactly how to help with it.

When the girl, let’s call her “Chloe”, had actually shown up I was obviously crazy nervous. But Chloe knew exactly where I was coming from. Suffice to say, she was a perfect 11/10 in so many ways. She was genuine, which was something I had really hoped for. The fact that she was so genuine is what raised my self-esteem and confidence; her words had weight to them. I finally felt like disability didn’t matter. The time I shared with her is something I’ll always remember and treasure, and I’m very positive the feeling is reciprocated.

If you’re a virgin who wants his first time done with a professional or you’re looking for more than “3-wet holes”, you could not come to better people. If you’re disabled, however, don’t be afraid to reach out. I did and was finally able to move on with what felt like a big hurdle in my life. The girls and management at SweetVIPs would only be happy to help someone experience something they never have before, disabled or not.


Not long after that, we also held a holiday promo to nominate a friend who needs some sweet cheer. The winner would receive a free one-hour session with one of our SVIPS, and the nominator would receive a free 30 min session for being such a great friend. Thanks to this promotion, we were introduced to another wonderful human and they have continued to bring us cheer for many years as well. (The winners’ reviews & stories can be found @ perb) Through this process, we have gained some wonderful new friends with diverse abilities, who will always stay close to our hearts. The more we saw firsthand what a positive and important effect these experiences had, the more we were inspired to do even more…


It is a basic human desire to feel the joy that comes from connecting with others sexually. Sexuality is not only important to the marginal community of young, athletic, and able-bodied, a healthy sex life is a positive, mood-altering benefit for everyone of legal age. We know that those with diverse abilities tend to not have the same access to jobs that others do, and a lot of people end up having a limited budget. As a business decision by the owner ms.Harvi, SweetVIPS started offering a $60 discount to all diverse abilities clients booking sessions through the agency to offset the luxury expense of such a valued experience.

Regardless of whoever you are, we want to make your fantasies a reality. We take great pride in providing access to the city’s best service providers and the valuable work they do. We look forward to your call and impressing the pants off you.

ms.Harvi Wallbanger


Canada’s current laws, although recently ruled unconstitutional, make ALL clients of sex workers criminals. There is still courts choosing to claw back women’s rights just across our borders, at home we see huge business associations profiling ALL female-presenting Canadians by spending millions to produce videos and brochures on “how to identify a sex worker” and “what to do when you do.” The current status quo of “make them feel uncomfortable” is outdated, discriminatory, and causes more harm than good.

As valued members of our communities, and Country we have the collective power to help change things for the better. Let’s start with those in most need of our services, Through PROS.NEWS and PROS.WIKI we are starting to collect information, how to’s. We have our own experiences, but we want to hear about yours.

Have you seen a client with diverse abilities before?

Are you a client with diverse abilities who has seen sex workers before?

We want to hear your stories, share your knowledge, and connect you with some like-minded individuals with their minds set on making sexuality accessible to everyone in Canada. Get in touch with us on our social or send us an email.


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