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#putitinmyMIND : PROS TIPS Got a “do it myself” attitude? Me too…

I have to admit I’m not social media savvy. I am a quick learner, pro pitch bitch, and technology inclined. Until about few months ago, I never tweeted a day in my life. Like many businesses, prior to the “VID” I had someone managing my Twitter. I trusted they knew what they were doing, and it was one less to do on my list.

I’m a people person, so I like hands-on face-to-face interactions. In fact, one of my happy places is squished against hundreds of sweaty people at the front of a live music stage 🤷‍♀️

I do have to admit, I went through a serious Facebook meme addiction years ago, which led me to the “harder drugs” of red arrows and meaningless internet points on Reddit.


Recently my friends and I started a new website run by a community of former and current sex workers. It has multiple layers to it, including education and normalizing sex workers are a valued part of our communities.

Short and sweet

we are turning sex workers into bloggers and influencers


Local businesses are happy when we pimp them

Anyone starting a new business knows there’s a lot of grease work involved, it’s not for the weak-willed. You have to work smarter, longer, and harder than you ever have in your life. On the other end, you get to see your baby born, grow then flourish, and eventually affect people’s lives in a positive way. There’s no better feeling than being a mom, whether that’s to a business, child, or fur baby.

Inspired, passionate, and determined I started to dive in and learn Twitter myself recently. Eventually, I will hand over the day-to-day management of my 8 different businesses’ social media presence. When I do, my contractors will have a very clear concise brand message, and organized lists, they will also have access to the best tools available to pimp our communities’ brands on Twitter.

HUSTLE & TEK – different, but better because…

20 years ago, my first company produced porn, this was back when the internet was a fresh-faced coed (not the dirty MILF with tricks up her sleeve she has become today). That business required a lot of Grease work as well, building HTML pages into the wee hours of the morning. Until it occurred to me that we could design software to automate that process, and a-CONMAN was born.

During the process of designing my first piece of software, managing programmers, and immersing myself in pornography and tek, one key phrase was repeated often ” it’s not a bug, it’s different but better because.” That mantra has always been a way of life for me. I’m the annoying optimistic looking for the silver lining to things, even when they might seem complicated or not ideal. With that being said I had the same outlook on diving into the Twitterverse, no it’s not old-school face-to-face marketing, it’s different, but better because.


1. Pick a name that’s going to be able to work on each of the major platforms so that tagging and branding are seamless – in my earlier social media blunders, I was able to achieve this for our PROS.WIKI pages.

2. Learn what TWITTER LISTS are & how to use them. HootSuite is a costly investment for any new business, but they do also have a great blog full of free information you can learn from. They also have a free 30-day trial – Check them out at: BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM

3. Set up a META BUSINESS SUITE account so you can organize a week’s worth of posts at a time. This #prosTEK will also automate the sharing of one post on multiple platforms. It doesn’t tend to share between Meta & Twitter as nice as some of the pros tek options out there, but it’s also free. To be completely transparent, I’m still getting the hang of it myself, seeing what parts I can tweak out for my benefit, not to worry, I plan to write a detailed article with PROS TIPS about this sexy tool soon.


I could write a whole series of articles on marketing and branding, in time I’m sure I will, as well as others on this platform. The one thing I will say right now is, that you will always want to find ways to be memorable. Branding through graphic design and fonts is a great way to achieve that.

Have you seen how the cool kids on Twitter & Instagram use a unique font for their names? Well, now you can too – by using the #prosTEK on this site. LINGOJAM.COM


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