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Can you give me a PROS vs CONS list about becoming a sex worker who is completely open with all her friends and family right from the start?

Before I signed up to be a creator on Onlyfans, I had a lot of hesitation and worries about making my first leap into the sex industry. I thought about how my friends and family would react, it took a lot of courage to tell those closest to me that I was going to expose myself in this way.


I was getting asked for my profile link for a couple years before I had even begun. I didn’t even know what it was at first!


It was obvious that I could do well as a creator… I simply needed the courage and drive to take the reigns. I had been an experienced model for over a decade and nude/implied photoshoots were already comfortable for me, so why not start there? And so I did.

My first month was incredible. It was clear that I was going to be successful. I received tons of support from friends and family, which was one of my originating concerns. And go figure, I was having loads of fun doing it too!

I made new friends, broke out of comfort zones, tried new things, kept busy and motivated, and was able to truly my life to the fullest. I was actually, finally happy. It sounds cheesy, but I felt I found my purpose.

This new endeavor was beginning to make my life better in all areas.

I’m damn proud of myself!

I’ve stated my personal PROS, which I think would hold true for most creators, but as for CONS, I would like to remind folks about income taxes. Onlyfans takes 20% off every sale you make, now you need to save another 30% (give or take) of the rest to claim on your taxes. This obviously blows. Start saving them receipts! This has been my major cause of disappointment, but hey, such is life.

Anyone who decides to become a creator should be aware of this, as I know of a few who didn’t think we had to claim anything. But any income received, even by a foreign company, needs to be documented with ‘The Man’ or take the risk otherwise.


The term “sex worker” refers to anyone earning income in the sex industry. So, it covers a broad range of services, from phone-sex operators, erotic dancers, sex-toy makers, and strip-club managers to pornographic actors, webcam models, and prostitutes. It also covers activities ranging across the entire legality spectrum-from legal to legally grey to illegal.


Also, I would share the amount of work involved. If you want to earn, you got to give the time. There are all sorts of avenues to go about this area of sex work and it’s all at your own comfort level and drive. You’ll get what you put in. Overall, this has been one of my best decisions in life and I feel empowered!

I love what I do and my fans know it. I only wish I started sooner! Anyone who is contemplating starting up their own fan page, I am rooting for ya! Give it a go! You’ll be surprised at how much support you receive and the experiences that line up for you will keep you busy and satisfied

You deserve it!




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