#putitinmyMIND PROS are front-line, mental health workers. Our patrons suffer from depression, PTSD, lack of self-confidence, isolation, neurodivergent disorders, diverse abilities, and yes some – addiction to the dopamine that comes from sex.


#putitinmyMIND : Body Image and How We See Ourselves. If I have one regret in my life, it is that I didn’t love myself enough, nor did I allow myself to have patience for myself in the past.

Mixing SOCIAL Sex MEDIA Work

#prosBIZ : PROS TIPS for Social Media Marketing your business… there is no popup saying ‘don’t use’, instead, Instagram likes to use one of the shadiest tricks in the books and shadow ban accounts.

YOGA for better MIA

#putitinmyMIND : Yoga Creates Better Mutual Intimate Affection. Sex it’s something each and every one of us thinks about at one time or another. Some more than others, like myself.


#prosDOIT : Self Breast Exam How, When, Why & Pros Tips. WHEN should you grab your titties? Make grabbing your titties a regular habit, starting right NOW. Fundraising HELP CHASE FUCK CANCER

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