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#putitinmyMIND : Yoga Creates Better Mutual Intimate Affection

Sex (or mutual intimate affection). It’s something each and every one of us thinks about at one time or another. Some more than others, like myself. Others, don’t understand sex or are afraid of it..perhaps afraid of themselves when they express themselves fully through the process. It’s natural to fear the unknown, but what I have come to learn as a pro service provider, and a student of life itself, is that fear is an incredibly powerful tool to help us grow, push our own boundaries and conquer and prosper. The human body, human’s intricate, sexy, confusing, and wonderful. Sex is intricate, sexy, confusing, and earth-shattering. It’s a journey each one of us embarks on, but we must do it alone initially. Discover our own bodies, our own spirits, to know what feels good and what doesn’t. Yoga is very much the same. Yoga, like sex, can be an extremely intimate discovery of oneself. A personal journey to enlighten and empower our sense of being, of existing without the hokey nonsense we all think yoga may be about.

Without losing your interest, and having you stop reading this to go explore other “avenues” Let me talk to you about what yoga can do for you. For your soul, your mind, and last but certainly not least…your body. It can help elevate your life, stamina, flexibility, and overall passion for your self-discovery along with the passion behind closed doors.

When people think about yoga, they think “oh god… it’s those stuck-up people (women) in lululemon” in a sense, there is some truth to that, or at least what it has become in the western world.

This cannot be farther from the truth. Yoga is for everyone. The fit, the fuller figured, the men..the able, and the disabled. I want to focus this article specifically on what it can do to enhance your sex life. Yoga’s focus on the mind-body connection can enhance your sexual pleasure by increasing your awareness of every tiny detail in the body. Imagine that… feeling everything, everywhere. Not just where the blood flows, or where our minds are stuck. Everywhere.. every sensation, thought, vibration..amplified. Imagine the power within yourself you would hold.  The more present and connected you are to your body, the more pleasurable sex will be.

Many of the postures and breathing exercises in yoga can increase blood flow to your sexual organs, making the sensations all that more intense and stimulating.

Not only can it benefit you personally by making you more in sync with your body, more confident and relaxed in your own skin, but you become more attuned to the needs and feelings of others, which ultimately makes you a better intimate partner. Sexual desire, as previously stated is natural, but at times when misunderstood can be distracting, even debilitating. It consumes us, and our restless minds are never content. Physical desire happens regardless, mental desire can drive us absolutely mad. Yoga will not take that away, however, it can help you observe these feelings in a healthy way. Observe them when they arrive and observe them when they pass. It allows you to control your sexual desires, not have them control you (which we all know, gets us into some “sticky” trouble). When you train your mind, body, and spirit to be content and understanding of your urges, we learn to be really content when engaging in the actual act of sex.

We all experience (at least I hope) that feeling of euphoria after a sexual experience, a state of bliss for a short time following an orgasm. Unfortunately, like everything else in our lives that blissful state quickly dissipates, yoga can allow you to remain in that balanced, calming mindset.

Still here…?

GREAT, let’s break bit down and put all this new inspiration and knowledge into practice if you choose. Yoga isn’t about who’s pose is better, or if you can get into the deepest stretch.

Really, the main focus is breathing. We all think we know how to breathe.. until we really focus on the actual task.

To begin, breathe deeply. In through your nose, out through the mouth. A great rule of thumb is 5 sec in, 3 secs out. Filling your stomach to your chest, and releasing all of it out your mouth. Do this for a few min, this is a yoga practice in itself.

Feel that control? Amazing isn’t it? There’s a reason why when we are stressed or angry, we’re told to breathe deeply.

Here are a couple of standard positions to try to enhance your sex life, and prolong the orgasms we always strive to achieve.

1. Cat and Cow Pose

This is known as spinal flexion and extension. These movements tone the hip and pelvis, increasing blood flow to those areas whilst strengthening the muscles that support your genitals which will lead to better sexual functions and performance.

How to do this pose:

Start on your hands and knees. “In Cat”, press through the hands and round the back, paying attention to the pelvic bones, rounded spine, and back of the thighs. Move into “cow” by tilting the pelvis and dropping the belly towards the floor, elongating the spine, arching the back, and bringing the chin upwards toward the ceiling. Repeat 5-10x depending on comfortability.

2. Cobra Pose

Cobra is one of the best spine and core strengthening postures in yoga. What does a strong core do for your sex life, you ask? Well, not only will you have more control in your pelvis, but how about a better thrust altogether…

How to do this pose:

Lie on your stomach, and place your hands under your shoulders with your elbows pointing straight back, and close to your sides. Spread your fingers wide, and relax your palms under your shoulders. Engage and rotate thighs inward so kneecaps point straight down and all toes are touching the floor.

Press your pelvis to the floor, and inhale as you use your core to lengthen the spine forward and slightly lift your chest off the floor. Pull shoulder blades down and toward each other and use your hands to pull (not push) your body forward and up. Hold for 10-30 seconds, and only lift as high as comfortable.

These 2 poses are a great start on your journey. 10 min out of your day that can change your life and sexual experiences for the better. So let’s recap..

Pros of yoga and your sex life…

  1. Better posture, concentration, focus, control, and awareness
  2. Enhanced and prolonged orgasms and overall experience
  3. Better Flexibility, stamina, and performance
  4. Balanced soul, mind, and body

Cons of yoga and your sex life…

  1. If you can think of one…….come and let me know 😉

So, I hope you enjoyed this little blog, and go out there and be your best self. You can thank me later.

Xx Siren



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